Banner ads are the advertising version of toxic waste. Advertising is a form of waste in itself:

  • people waste their attention and in some rare case money
  • advertisers waste their money in beating each other

As toxic waste is to waste, banners are to advertising. If you disagree, can you then go ahead and name one thing that has hurt the internet more than the banner ad? The argument that ads fund the internet are made up by those that have vested interest in the way the internet is now as opposed to how it could be if there was a serious think in terms of monetization by the IAB, Google, and others that have influence in the matter. More so, the advertisers have to realize that banner ads are garbage, and stop supporting such a mindless business model. No, video, social or mobile is not any better than banner ads. If advertisers stop buying it, the companies that make money from it will figure out something more useful for the advertisers to buy. It will happen immediately.




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